Module: kpireport.view

class kpireport.view.Blob(id: str, content: str, mime_type: 'Optional[str]', title: 'Optional[str]')
class kpireport.view.Block(id: str, title: str, description: str, cols: int, blobs: 'List[Blob]', output: str, tags: 'List[str]')
class kpireport.view.View(report: Report, datasources: DatasourceManager, **kwargs)

The view

exception kpireport.view.ViewException
class kpireport.view.ViewManager(datasource_manager, report, config, extension_manager=None)

alias of ViewException

kpireport.view.make_render_env(env: Environment, view: View, output_driver: OutputDriver, fmt: str)

Create a Jinja environment for rendering the view.

The environment is specific to the view, output driver, and output format, and should only be used for that combination of entities. As such, it is best to create this environment just before rendering the view.